Celebrity Apprentice 2012 ousted Lou Ferrigno in episode 8 tonight. Earlier tonight,NBC aired the 8th episode for Celebrity Apprentice 2012,and some more major fireworks exploded. The episode kicked off with extreme drama. Arsenio kept going off about Aubrey. Lisa said she didn’t blame Aubrey for leaving,claiming that Arsenio and the guys on her team are bitches.

After that, Lisa tried to talk smack to Arsenio for calling Aubrey a bitch and a whore. She told him,every woman in America is going to hate him for that. Arsenio didn’t care,saying, “when you disrespect me,it’s on!” Later on, Lisa started yelling at Dayana and Lou when she saw that neither one of them got fired,claiming she would have to do all the work again because they’re incompetent.

After that,Arsenio skyped Magic Johnson to give him the 50,000 he won for his charity. Next, they showed that Aubrey O’Day had indeed returned after getting royally chewed out by Arsenio. Then Trump gave them their task. They had to create a 60-second commercial for Entertainment.com,and were judged on creativity,product integration,and overall brand messaging.

Dayana quickly volunteered to be project manager,which made Lisa angry,claiming that Dayana didn’t give the team a chance to discuss it. Teresa stepped up to be project manager for Unanimous. Then they showed footage of Aubrey talking with Arsenio. She was very civil about everything.

Arsenio said,he appreciated Aubrey coming back to talk things out. He told her, he would later explain why he went off on her like that,and they seemed fine. However, Aubrey privately said,she would never like Arsenio after what he did,and was also pretty quiet when they were going over ideas.

Team Forte elected to do a love story theme for their commercial. Team Unanimous decided to go with a funny,risque theme for their commercial. Next,they showed footage of the teams putting their commercials together. Everyone ignored any kind of input Lou tried to give. Lisa made fun of Lou,claiming all his ideas were stupid. Aubrey made fun of Teresa’s directing,saying,it was awful. I see why Aubrey and Lisa get along,because all they do,is bash people.

Don Trump Jr. visited Forte,and Ivanka visited Unanimous. Don thought that Dayana had pretty good control of everything. However Ivanka thought Aubrey was still trying to speak for the project manager,and thought she should have let Teresa speak more. Lisa eventually came around,and surprisingly said Dayana was doing a good job as project manager.

At one point,they showed Dayana and Lisa trying to give Lou a task of creating movie posters on a laptop,and he just seemed very clueless. I could just tell he was the next to go at that point. Aubrey said,she wasn’t impressed with Teresa or Paul. She also complained about Arsenio and Clay’s editing job,and said they’d probably find a way to blame Teresa for it if they lose.

Lou said,he didn’t like how his team’s commercial turned out,and complained that Lisa and Dayana wouldn’t listen to his suggestions. Next,they showed footage of the teams,presenting their commercials to the executives. Afterwards,they told Trump that Forte’s commercial showed more variety of the benefits. However, Unanimous’ commercial seemed a little more exciting,but also risque.

After the break, the teams talked in the boardroom with Trump. Immediately,Dayana and Lisa bashed Lou,claiming he failed to bring any creativity to the project. Then Lou told Lisa,he would throw her through a wall if she was a man,claiming she called him a loser and wouldn’t put up with that. Lisa quickly fired back at Lou with a ton of insults,including that he needs to get ready to take that exit elevator ride if they lose.

Everything was pretty chill on Unanimous’ team. Arsenio said he got the right response from Aubrey,but with the wrong language,so he basically apologized for the way he handled Aubrey in the previous episode. Clay said,Teresa did a good job as project manager. Aubrey said everyone did a good job,but it was just to avoid anymore drama.

At one point, Ivanka Jumped in to tell Aubrey she needed to chill when it comes to talking for the project manager,because it alienates the other team members. Next,they watched both the commercials back,and Lou said,he thought the other team’s commercial was better,which didn’t go over well with his team or Trump. Lisa said,Lou could say that,because he didn’t contribute anything to his team’s commercial.

Trump eventually revealed that Teresa and Unanimous’ commercial won,so Forte had to get rid of yet another person,which would bring their numbers down to just three. After the break, Forte came back to throw Lou under the bus some more,since they were using him as their scapegoat. Everyone hopped on the “bash Lou” bandwagon,even Penn,who’s normally quiet. Finally,Dayana decided to bring Lisa and Lou back for firing considerations.

After the final break,Dayana and Lisa threw Lou out to pasture some more. Lou tried to get in one final shot at Dayana,claiming she was the project manager,and should be fired. However,it wasn’t good enough,because Trump told Lou,he was fired,and said he really didn’t like the disloyalty he showed towards his team by saying his team’s video wasn’t better than the other team’s video.

In the next episode, Dayana is going to take shots at Lisa for a change,and it’s damn funny. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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