Celebrity Apprentice 2013 all stars eliminated Bret Michaels last night in episode 1. Last night’s premiere episode,kicked off with a brief intro of the celebrity all star cast. Then Trump made Trace Adkins and Brett Michaels the two team captains,and had them select who would be on their teams.

Trace chose Penn Jillette, Dee Snider, Stephen Baldwin, Gary Busey, and Lisa Rinna. They ended up choosing “Plan B” as their team name,and Trace decided to be the first project manager. Brett chose Omarosa, Marilu Henner, Brande Roderick, Latoya Jackson ,Claudia Jordan,Little John,and Dennis Rodman ended up on Brett’s team by default. In other words,he was dead last. Poor Dennis. However,he said, he didn’t have a problem with it. They chose “Power” as their team name,and Brande literally begged to be project manager ,so they went ahead and let her have it.

After that, Trump gave them their first task,which was to make a whole bunch of tasty meatballs,and then sell them for cold hard cash. The team that raised the most amount of money,won. From there, we saw the first signs of crazy Omarosa starting to act up. She called Brett out,claiming he was supposed to take project manager to start off the show,since he had already won it before and other crazy nonsense. Latoya told the private cams,she really didn’t like Omarosa because she thought she was malicious.

From there, they showed prep footage of the teams ,making their meatballs. Dennis wanted to cook,but Brande wouldn’t let him. In fact,she didn’t really want Dennis to do anything,and he looked really out of place. However, they did eventually find something for him to do. At one point, the teams visited the Michael & Kelly show to promote their big meatball gigs.

Next, they showed the teams,selling their meatball dishes, Trace chose to have his Plan B crew ,close off the shop to the general public,and just sell to the bigtime celebrities they invited,while team Power sold meatballs to the general public and the celebrities. Past winner ,Piers Morgan, who is now serving as an advisor, thought that Trace was taking a big risk with his strategy as all money from anywhere,counts. Also, it was revealed that one of Brande’s biggest donors was in danger of showing up too late.

After that, they cut to a break,and then showed footage of the two teams in the boardroom, discussing how things went with Trump and company. Brande had good things to say about all her team members .However,Latoya didn’t think Brande did a very good job,claiming she got a bit clustered. Then Stephen Baldwin really F’d himself by saying, he didn’t raise any money for his team,because he wanted to save it for when he was project manager. Yes,he really said that out loud,lol!! Needless to say, Trump and pretty much everyone else said, he was most-likely fired if his team,Plan B, lost.

Next, Trump revealed that the Michael & Kelly show folks ,thought team Power’s meatballs were better than Plan B’s meatballs,so team Power got an additional $20,000 added to their overall money raised. From there, the results were read. Team Power raised 230,555.00,plus the additional $20,000,making it a $250,555.00 total. But it didn’t matter because Plan B raised a whopping $419,539.00. So, Plan B won,leaving team Power to contemplate who needed to get eliminated first.

After Plan B left the room,Brande really caught a ton of heat for not knowing any of the numbers,especially since she needed to pick the two people who raised the least amount of money. Omarosa went off on Brett when he tried to claim she was too negative. Omarosa was responsible for tallying the money and her numbers were way off as to who donated what. When the discussion came to a close,Brande chose to bring back Brett and Latoya for the firing considerations.

To cap it all off, Latoya thought Brande should be fired for letting Omarosa control her. Brande thought Latoya should be fired. Meanwhile, Trump,Ivanka,and Piers all thought Omarosa should’ve been fired for not correctly keeping up with the numbers that each team member donated.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t in the room,so Trump had to go ahead,and fire Brett,since it appeared that he raised the least amount of money for the team,plus Trump thought he shouldn’t have returned in the first damn place,since he already won the show. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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