NBC is gearing up for the finale of one of their longest running dramas, “ER”, and they’re hoping to pull out all the stops. To make the conclusion of the series complete the execs were busy making calls to all their departed stars, but one of them isn’t too interested in coming back.

George Clooney, easily the biggest name from the series’ 15 years in broadcast, has been pretty vocal that he won’t be “on call” for this one.

“He is on record as saying he is not coming back,” said Clooney’s publicist, Stan Rosenfield, on Monday. “It is something he has already done. He is busy making movies.”

While Clooney might be out of the running he’ll be one of the few not to return. Anthony Edwards, Laura Innes, Paul McCrane, and even Noah Wyle will all be back though Edwards will only appear in a flashback (his character died in 2002).

Will the “ER” finale be complete without George?

Source: Reuters

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