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Colton eliminated from Survivor 24,One World in episode 6 tonight due to appendicitis scare. Earlier tonight, CBS aired their 6th episode of “Survivor 24:One World,” and it was sort of a bittersweet exit for evil,gay Colton. The show kicked off with some commentary from rotten Alicia,who revealed that she wanted to pick off all the ladies,and eventually roll with the men to the end.

Colton and Alicia both teamed up to treat Christina like shit,and told her she would be leaving next. Then they showed “Rewards Challenge” footage. In the challenge,each tribe had to take out five targets by throwing coconuts off a trampoline. The much stronger Salina tribe,pulled off that victory as well,and won ice cream as a reward. Colton immediately blamed Christina for their loss,and continued to talk very badly about her.

Next, Colton and Alicia got together,again, to pick on Christina by continuing to tell her she’s going home. Christina tried to campaign to some of the other guys that Alicia has an alliance with the girls in the other tribe,and that they should consider voting her out. Alicia overheard Christina,and started an intense,verbal,fight with her.

After all that drama, Colton went and laid down,complaining of severe abdominal pain that kept getting worse. Eventually, Christina got host Jeff Probst to call in the medical team to examine Colton. They determined that he might have acute appendicitis,and couldn’t risk letting him continue on,so he had to leave them game.

He cried like a baby about it,and also decided to keep the immunity idol as a souvenir instead of giving it away. That really pissed Alicia off because she actually thought she might really be friends with Colton,when in actuality,he was just using her as well. It’s kinda funny.

After a short break,both tribes were told that they were going to tribal counsel. Most of the Manono tribe decided to get rid of Alicia before heading to tribal counsel. Next, they showed tribal counsel footage. Jeff announced to both tribes that Colton had to leave due to his appendicitis,and that both tribes would now merge.

Also,no one else got eliminated in this episode. So,that kinda sucks,because I actually wanted to see someone blindside Colton,and vote his evil ass off. Now,we had to actually kind of feel sorry for him. Oh well. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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