Current MTV Jersey Shore cast wants to quit the show after season 5. That’s right folks. Our favorite,crazy guidos and guidettes are ready to pack it up and pack it out after this upcoming, season 5 closes shop,according to Hollywood Life.

A few of them seem to be as cocky as they’ve ever been,thinking they can hold an entire show on their own,and want to branch off. I highly doubt any these fools can hold a show on their own. I think the success was all about them being together,and acting as crazy as they possibly can,which,of course, is a totally different dynamic than going solo.

Anyways their source told them,the cast isn’t as close as they used to be,and “they are all pursuing their own projects, clothing lines, perfume lines and several of them want their own spinoffs. There’s a lot of competition and they all feel like they’re famous enough in their own rights to continue on without the show.”

The source went own to reveal that Pauly D has been trying to get his own show,and “Mike wants his own show but no one has really wanted to go forward with it,and Snooki and JWoww were trying to get their own show.”

Lol! The biggest shocker of that,is 7 of these crazy folks think they can do their own show. I think maybe one could possibly go solo. Maybe, at best. And that’s a big maybe. Well,enjoy season 5 when it debuts on January 5th,because it may very well be the last one. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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