CW dropped new ‘Nikita’ episode 4,season 2 Partners promo spoiler clip. We’ve got the new spoiler clip (below) for CW’s hit show “Nikita” episode 4 of season 2,and it looks pretty good as Nikita is feeling the guilt and needs to find a long,lost female partner of hers. The episode is aptly titled, “Partners.”

In the clip, Nikita is seen talking about her old partner Kelly who is now in a Turkish prison. Apparently,she was captured when Nikita escaped Division years ago. Now, Nikita wants to try and rescue her. Judging from the clip, Nikita doesn’t get a warm reunion at first.

Then there’s that Amanda chick. She decides to send Nikita’s former partner Alex on over there to stop Nikita from reuniting with Kelly. It’s just a big mess once again. It should be entertaining to watch though. Check it out,below. Episode 4 airs Friday,October 14th.

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