CW dropped new ‘Vampire Diaries’ episode 8,season 3 spoiler,promo clip. Ok,peeps. It’s time to take a glimpse of what’s going to go down in the upcoming Vampire Diaries episode 8. It’s titled, “Ordinary People,” and it looks damn interesting as Alaric has found some names written in Vikings script in a very dark cave.

In the clip, Alaric shows Elena the names,and she says they’re names of the original family. Alaric is seen saying,the images tell a story,and they need to find out what it is. Then it jumps to another scene where Rebekah is just going off on Elena,and shoving her up against a wall,while screaming at her very loudly.

Whoa! It looks like Elena needs to watch out. The clip caps off with Elena getting shocked by Damon in the dark. Check it out,below. Episode 8 airs Thursday,November 3rd at 7pm central time on the CW.

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