CW released new ‘Nikita’ episode 18,season 2 intense spoilers & clips. Earlier tonight,CW dropped the new spoilers and sneak peek,clip (below) for their upcoming “Nikita” episode 18,and it looks pretty wild as Nikita and Amanda go at it,bigtime. The episode is called, “Power.”

In the new episode 18, Amanda and Ari will set up a board meeting with Zetrov,and prepare to take over the company. Nikita will recall what Amanda was like when she was first brought to Division. Meanwhile, Alex will surprise Ari by showing up at the board meeting with a powerful friend.

Nikita is spotted finally facing off with Amanda in an epic fight. At one point,Amanda gets the better of Nikita,and points a gun to her face. Episode 18 airs Friday,March 30th at 7pm central time on the CW. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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