CW released new ‘Vampire Diaries’ episode 7,season 3 Ghost World spoiler clip. The new spoiler clip (below) for VD episode 6 is here,and it looks pretty interesting as some details about Bonnie’s magic are revealed,along with a pissed of visit from Damon. The episode is called,”Ghost World.”

In the new clip,Bonnie explains to Caroline that she blocked the magic that Allowed Vicki to crossover.However, if Jeremy still wants to talk with Anna,he can,and she doesn’t seem real happy about it,naturally. Bonnie goes on to tell Caroline,she’s not ok with the Jeremy/Anna situation,but she doesn’t know what to do about it.

After that little conversation,Damon rolls up with some more interesting details. He reveals that Mason Lockwood showed up from the dead to torture him. He,apparently, thinks Bonnie screwed up with her magic,and tells her to fix it. Check it out,below. Episode 7 airs this Thursday night at 7pm central time.

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