Dancing With The Stars season 15 to serve up an all-star edition this fall 2012. As previously reported, football star Donald Driver and his “hot as hell” partner Pete Murgatroyd, won season 14 of ABC’s hit show “Dancing With The Stars.”

Now, a recent report from TV Line, revealed that the show is planning on throwing an all-star edition for their next season 15 this fall. There’s currently no word on who the contestants will be. However, they are bringing back some fan favorites from the past 14 seasons,so stay tuned for that.

In related news, Peta and Donald just appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show to talk about their big win,and not surprisingly, Peta said,her experience with Ron Artest from last season and her experience with Donald,are like night and day.

That’s for damn sure,and her results were as well. She went home first last season,and now, she won it. Much congrats to Peta. She’s so lovely. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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