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Days Of Our Lives 2016 getting rid of Philip Kiriakis character again,new details. Soap Opera Digest just broke the news that actor, John-Paul Lavoisier (left), just lost his job as Philip Kiriakis on NBC’s hit soap opera show, “Days Of Our Lives.”

They didn’t give much reason as to why, other than they’ve written Philip out by saying he’s leaving Salem. John-Paul is scheduled to finish up filming his last episodes this month, and then his Philip character is scheduled to disappear from the onscreen show sometime later this year as they film the episodes long before they actually air.

John-Paul joined “Days Of Our Lives” back in 2015, and first appeared on air in one of the December 2015 episodes. Apparently, this Philip character had been played by child actors early on. Then got replaced by teenage actors to rapidly age him. Finally, John-Paul took over the role as part of the show’s 50th anniversary.

Also, we’re just now getting some new intel on this from celebrity dirty laundry and their sources. They claim that John-Paul was actually fired and was quite blindsided by it! And there’s rumors going around that Jay Kenneth Johnson may return to take over the Philip role!

An inside source for the Globe, claims John-Paul was fired by phone, which totally pissed him off, and that the producers said John-Paul just wasn’t “a good fit” for the role. Hmmm, so that sounds very interesting. Stay tuned.

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