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Days Of Our Lives 2016 new Abigail Deveraux replacement actress revealed. According to the folks over at daytimeconfidential, actress Kate Mansi, who currently plays character, Abigail Deveraux, on NBC’s hit soap opera, “Days Of Our Lives,” actually decided to quit way back in January 2016.

So, now, they’re reporting that this new actress, Marci Miller (left), has been hired by the crew to replace Kate for the Abigail role.

Kate is currently scheduled to portray the Abigail role through the rest of June 2016. But after that, get ready to see Marci roll in to show us what she’s got. As far as Marci’s resume goes, she’s a relatively new actress who appears to have gotten her career started back in 2009 according to her IMDB profile page.

She’s mostly appeared in a long list of short productions with a few low profile movie titles mixed in there. However, here recently, things have started to pick up for her, landing roles in the “Children Of The Corn: Runaway” movie and “Death Race 2050” movie. And, of course, Days Of Our Lives is a “pick me up” for her as well. So, welcome Marci Miller aboard, and stay tuned.

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