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Days Of Our Lives 2016 rumored to bring Eve Donovan back for action,new details. According to a new report from the folks over at Soapcentral, there’s some rumors flying around that we may be seeing actress, Kassi Depaiva (left), return to reprise her Eve Donovan role on NBC’s hit “Days Of Our Lives” soap.

This return is likely due to Eve’s sister, Theresa Donovan (Jen Lilley), making her exit from the show. It’s already been reported that Theresa’s parents, Kimberly and Shane Donovan, would be returning, so why not throw the sister in there too?

Please note that Eve’s return is definitely in rumor status, right now, as neither the Days of Our Lives folks or Kassi Depaiva have confirmed this. If she does actually return, it’s believed that her return will likely be a short one as it’s to facilitate the exit of Theresa.

The last time we saw Eve in action, was back in September 2015, and her exit apparently caused quite the uproar among Days’ fans as she was written off the show. In related news, we can definitely tell you guys that actor, Freddie Smith, has just signed on to bring his Sonny character back to Days sometime in July 2016, and it’s believed that he and Paul might spark something back up. Stay tuned.

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