DEXTER (Season 5)

“Dexter,” Season 5, Episode 8: “Take It”

I’m not sure what makes Dexter think he can trust anyone after Lila, Miguel and Trinity, but for some reason, he decided to spill his guys to Lumen in Sunday night’s episode.

Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Lumen (Julia Stiles) spent the episode stalking Cole, one of the men who raped and tortured Lumen. Dexter had decided the place to make Cole his next victim would be at the hotel hosting Jordan Chase’s latest conference. He rented the room next to Cole’s and set his plan in motion.

But he decided to let Lumen in on it. He even sent her on a hardware store trip to buy “kill room” supplies. Lumen even helped him prepare the room. Of course when it came down to it, the original plan was foiled. The backup plan was as well, as Cole spotted Lumen and chased her down. As he was attacking her, Dexter comes in and saves the day.

Cole wakes up on the table and refuses to give up the other attackers, so Dexter does the deed. Lumen watches. She’s figured out who Dexter is but I don’t think she sees him as a monster. She sees that he’s doing a good deed. Dexter confirms Lumen’s thoughts and hands the slide with Cole’s blood over to her. She accepts it and is therefore accepting who Dexter is and who she has become as well.

There was one thing that really confused me about all that. Apparent Dexter didn’t know Jordan was in on Lumen’s attack. I knew. You knew. I thought Dexter knew. But he didn’t figure it out until this episode. I guess I was jumping the gun, but I’ve known for two weeks that Jordan was a part of that team. I’m so confused why Dexter didn’t.

Elsewhere, Lt. LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) is up to her old tricks. She’s put the blame on the Santa Muerta case blunder on Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) which resulted in Deb’s suspension. I’m not surprised. LaGuerta isn’t a villain, she just will not let anything come between her and her job. Anything.

Batista (David Zayas) catches Deb on her way out and lets her know he’s not going to stand by his wife’s decision to blame everything on Deb. That should cause for some interesting twists with Batista and LaGuerta. They probably never should’ve been paired together anyway. I’m starting to think the show runners are thinking that as well and are correcting it with this storyline.

I do love all the screen time LaGuerta is getting. I love that character and I love Velez. Even more LaGuerta please.

Oh, and RoboCop photographs Dexter and Lumen dumping Cole’s body at sea (that’s some high-powered lens). Looks like he’ll show Quinn (Desmond Harrington) next week, sealing both their fates. There’s a chance Quinn s might survive this season, but Peter Weller is done for.

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