Dexter Season 8 lots of new spoilers dished out by Producer Scott Buck. Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter peeps got to chat it up with Dexter show runner ,Scott Buck,and he dropped a plethora of new Dexter season 8 spoiler bombs for us to ponder until the premiere debuts next year. It turns out that season 8 might not be the last of Dexter,crazy Hannah will totally be back,and more.

To kick things off, Scott revealed that Dexter might not actually end after season 8 as that’s totally up to Showtime and what they want to do. He said, ” as far as I know, no actual decision has been made yet. I wish I knew so I could plan my life accordingly, but I don’t really know.”

On the other hand, he did say that they’re writing up the 8th season with an end in sight, “but if we get told otherwise somewhere along the way, we’ll take it in a different direction. But we are definitely working toward the finale of the series. We are indeed, yes.” Also, It’s possible that season 8 might start up before its usual September date,because they’re scheduled to start production right after the New Year 2013,but that will again be up to Showtime to decide.

Scott also confirmed that actress Yvonne Strahovski aka Hannah will be back ,but Lauren Velez aka MarĂ­a LaGuerta is definitely gone for good as Deb totally popped a cap in her you know what. David Zayas aka Batista will be back for season 8 as well.

It’s also going to be the beginning of the end for Dexter. Scott explained, “we’ve seen Dexter gradually moving in this direction as he slowly becomes more human in a way that makes him scarier. If you’re just a monster doing monster things, it’s easy to accept and understand that. But if you’re a human being doing the things that Dexter does, then it’s more difficult.”

Scott went on to reveal that Deb is going to have a more difficult time,now that she’s also a murderer,stating, “Knowing who Deb is, this is going to be a very difficult thing for her to deal with. She’s not at all like Dexter; she’s not a killer like Dexter is. She’s just the opposite. She’s someone who believes in good, so I think this is obviously going to be something very difficult for her to try and process and deal with.”

Also, Deb’s new state of mind will “cause her to re-examine everything about Dexter that she has accepted or overlooked or seen in one way or another. Having been brought down this path by Dexter changes everything for her.” Currently, they’re still trying to work out how they will handle LaGuerta’s death storyline. However,Scott did reveal that “There will certainly be an investigation into what happened, yes, and that might help bring Angel back in.”

Dexter and Deb’s relationship will also get totally flipped around. Scott explained, “This flips their relationship on end. They’re both going to have to take a big step back and re-examine who they are and what they mean to each other and how they’re going to go on from here.”

Scott also revealed that Deb ‘s romantic feelings for Dexter are most-likely nowhere in site at this point,stating, “I think those might probably be gone by now. She’s always going to love Dexter very deeply on some level. This is the closest person to her, but I don’t think she could ever possibly imagine a romantic relationship with this person.” Also, the Bay Harbor Butcher case is closed for good now.

Next, Scott revealed new details about the warrants Laguerta had,stating, “Unfortunately, even though we’ve seen the warrants, the fact that they were still on LaGuerta’s desk means they were never actually filed. So there is no paper trail there. Everything is set up accordingly, but we’ll see how it all unfolds.”

He also revealed why Hannah left those flowers as Dexter’s door step,explaining that “It was a very dark shot, but it was a black orchid, which is meant to be a very ominous sign from Hannah that Dexter would understand what it meant.”

Then he revealed that Hannah’s focus will most-likely be all on Dexter rather than Deb in season 3,stating , she has “very complicated feelings for Dexter. She loves and hates him at the same time. I think Dexter would be a bigger focus for her at this point.”

Season 8 will also explore more of Dexter’s past and he’ll find out things he didn’t even know about himself. Scott explained, “We’ll learn more about Dexter’s origins through Harry. Stories that we haven’t done that are new to Dexter as well. We’ll discover things he didn’t know about himself. We might see something in the manner of flashbacks.”

Dexter’s ending will most-likely not end on a happy note. “When you examine any serial killer, there are only so many endings you can have and serial killers don’t generally end on a happy note.” Scott also revealed that they’re totally planning on bringing a new “big bad” to the scene in season 8 that will be very different than what we’ve seen in the past,stating, “Hopefully, Yvonne will return, but we’re also talking about a couple other big characters who will have a huge effect on Dexter next year.

If the plan that we’re starting to incorporate now goes through, it will be a very different type of big bad than we’ve ever seen before. It’ll be someone unlike anything we’ve seen in Dexter’s life before.” To cap it off, Scott revealed that Debra will still continue to try and stop Dexter from killing in season 8,stating, “We’ll certainly see her try again. This is not a part of her life that she embraces. We’ll see a very different Deb in season eight.” Ok,so that’s it for the initial season 8 teases,but definitely stay tuned for more. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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