Dexter season 8 lots of new spoilers revealed from Vulture and producer. Recently,website Vulture got to chat with producer Scott Buck to get some more 411 spoiler dish on the new Dexter season 8,and they did a pretty good job as well. It turns out that Dexter will stick to his plan to frame Estrada for LaGuerta’s murder,and more.

First, Scott revealed that season 8 may not be the last season,stating, ” It might be the last. That hasn’t been announced yet. We’ve been picked up for one more season, but whether that is the last one or not has not yet been determined.”

Then he revealed that season 8 might actually start in the summer of 2013 instead of the Fall. Scott also revealed that he totally knows how Dexter will end stating, “Oh, absolutely, I know how it ends. But whether it’s this season or the next season or further down the line will remain to be determined.”

Next, we learned that Dexter’s ending will pretty much not be a happy one. Scott explained, “Dexter is a serial killer and serial killers only end in so many ways, and none of those ways seem to be particularly happy or encouraging. I think if we’re true to who Dexter is, we’re not going to end with Dexter walking off into the sunset.”

We’re going to find out whether or not Dexter and Deb get closer in season 8. Scott said, “Whether it brings them closer or pushes them apart will be the story that we’ll be telling next year, because it certainly bonds them but not necessarily in the most positive way.”

A romantic relationship between Dexter and Deb is damn near impossible at this point. Scott explained, Debra “all along knew the romantic relationship between the two of them was sort of impossible, and I think this will just make it potentially that much more difficult. And I think the more she gets to know her brother, the more her feelings toward him change and evolve, so I’m not sure at the end of this season if she harbors any romantic feelings for Dexter. I would kind of think not.”

Also they’re going to keep in mind that Quinn is also suspicious of Dexter,when writing out his character. Dexter will also return to the code he’s followed all this time as Scott explains, “I think he’ll have to return to the Code, because it’s really all he has. But yet, the Code was originally Harry’s, and now Dexter has sort of taken it on as his own, so it is something that can expand and evolve over time as well. I mean, I think he’s already modified it somewhat this season. It’s clear that LaGuarta was outside the code, but when he killed Hannah’s father, I think in his own mind, that was an acceptable kill.”

They’re also hoping to bring Hannah back and she might be an enemy or an ally as she both loves Dexter and hates him at the same time. Dexter is also going to stick to the plan to make it look like Estrada killed LaGuerta. Stay tuned. Season 8 may debut in the Summer 2013. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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