Dexter Season 8 might air sooner in Summer 2013 instead of the fall. Recently, Volture got a chance to chat it up with Dexter producer Scott Buck,and he delivered a couple new spoiler teasers during their interview (more on that later). One thing that really caught our attention is that he revealed that Dexter season 8 might be bumping up their debut date to the Summer of 2013 instead of the Fall.

They asked him, point blank, “But the next season’s going to air this summer, right?” Then Scott replied with, “We believe so, yes.” That’s not all. It looks like Dexter could possibly continue past season 8 as Scott revealed that he is currently not sure that Showtime wants to end the series in season 8 and is waiting on confirmation of that.

However,he did say that he is currently writing season 8 as ending to all the madness,but if Showtime decides that they want another season,he will change up the script. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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