Director said Breaking Dawn part 2 to deliver tons more special effects,vamps & more. We got this new video clip (below),which shows Kaleb Nation catching up to Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon at the Los Angeles premiere last month,and he had a lot to say about Breaking Dawn part 2.

In the clip,he revealed that he’s very happy that they have another full year to work on part 2,because there’s a lot more editing they have to do. It’s huge. There’s also going to be twice as many special effects in it,and a couple dozen,new vampires will get introduced,so there’s a huge cast involved in it.

Part 2 sounds like it will be quite epic indeed. I look forward to checking it out,next year on November 16th,2012. In related news, Condon also revealed,in a different clip, that part 2 will feature vampires from all over the world. Check out his new interview,below. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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