Earlier this month the poster for “Disaster Movie” was released and while we couldn’t tell much from that it was safe to assume it’d be crap considering it’s from the same people that dumped out “Meet the Spartans”, “Epic Movie”, “Date Movie”, blah blah blah. Sure enough. The movie trailer for “Disaster” has been released and it is aptly named.

Apparently “Disaster” movie has very little to do with disasters and more to do with referencing every single aspect of pop culture in a non sequitur fashion and then labeling it a “comedy”. What does “Juno”, “Sex and the City”, or even “Enchanted” have to do with disasters? Worst yet, they cast Kim “Big ass and a sex tape” Kardashian.

I couldn’t even get through the trailer below without taking breaks along the way, so I don’t blame you if you never watch it. Rest assured, I won’t mention it again.

[flv:/videos/2008/06/disaster_movie_trailer.flv 480 270]

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