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Erika Van Pelt eliminated from American Idol 2012 in the finals tonight round 3. Earlier tonight,American Idol sent another unhappy hopeful,packing because they just couldn’t cut it. The show kicked off with another group number from the final 10 contestants,and it didn’t make me nauseous,so that was a plus.

After that, host Ryan Seascrest didn’t waste anytime in revealing that Elise Testone, Hollie Cavanaghwere,and Skylar Laine were all safe this week. After that,they brought on singer Lana Del Rey to sing her song “Video Games” from her new album entitled, “Born To Die.” Next, everybody sung Steven Tyler a happy birthday song. Right after that, Ryan revealed that Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez made it to the next round,and DeAndre Brackensick landed in the bottom three.

After a short break,last year’s 3rd place finisher Haley Reinhart hit the stage to sing her new song titled,”Free,” and it didn’t sound half bad. It had a nice little hook to it and had me grooving to it a little bit. Next, Ryan revealed that Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon made it to the next round,and Erika Van Pelt and Heejun Han ended up in the bottom three to lead into a final break.

After the final break,Ryan revealed that DeAndre was safe, and Erika and Heejun were the bottom two contestants. Then Ryan quickly revealed that Heejun was safe. Next, Erika immediately tried to sing for the judges one and only “save,” and she was turned down,so she had to head for the exit door like so many others have. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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