Last week Nicolas Cage told us all about his plans to renew the Ghost Rider storyline with a change of venue to Europe and the Vatican. From his talks things sound to be making a lot of progress in its very initial stages. Apparently those talks haven’t involved Eva Mendes and her possible return. When asked what she thought about a sequel, Mendes wasn’t as enthusiastic:

“No, I think ‘Ghost Rider’ had its moment,” co-star Eva Mendes told MTV, more or less echoing statements she made last May. “I don’t know about a sequel, but I don’t think it needs one.”

It’s nice to hear someone in Hollywood that’s not motivated by a paycheck alone. Fans of Mendes romp in Ghost Rider 1 shouldn’t be worried though. Despite not thinking it should happen, she’d be willing to return if she’s got company:

“I think it’s done,” she said. “But look, hey, if it’s Nicolas Cage again – I’ll do anything with him.”

Would you want to watch Eva Mendes ride again with Nic Cage?

Source: MTV

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