Just when I thought “Dexter” couldn’t get any better, I found the trailer for the Showtime series’ fourth season. The trailer starts out in a total ‘WTF-moment’ in a very “Leave it to Beaver” kind of way. But then we’re treated to the Dark Avenger’s extra-curricular activities we’ve come to love (which is really messed up when you think about it). We also get to meet the season’s newest killer, played by John Lithgow. He will be dubbed the Trinity Killer, according to reports from Comic-Con.

It’s also good to see Keith Carradine’s return as Special Agent Frank Lundy. He should play well into Dexter’s (Michael C. Hall) storyline as well as Deb’s (Jennifer Carpenter), since she and Lundy had developed a relationship in Season 2.

“Dexter” premiers Sept. 27.

Did you know that Dexter made our Cable’s Sexiest Men list?

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