Don’t get too excited as this first look at Jessica Biel in “Powder Blue” seems to be much more focused on the dude in the foreground rather than the half-naked lady in the back. Nuts. The good news is that Biel is ready to break her “no nudity” pledge with her role as a stripper, no doubt with a heart of gold, who is raising money to save her child.

Q: I assume you’re still sticking to your policy of no nudity in the film? I heard you picked out your own body double for Nailed.

JB: “Yeah I did pick out my own body double. That was bizarre, that was very bizarre. It’s very hard to be a woman and sort of be looking at women kind of like they’re just objects. I was like, ‘I’m kind of having a male experience right now.’ It was weird. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever done. Anyway, I actually didn’t stick to that policy in this other film I did called Powder Blue.

Oh, and that dude in the picture, I think that might be a very odd looking Patrick Swayze though IMDB does list Patrick’s younger brother, Don, as a bouncer in the film as well.

Source: BadandUgly

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