First True Blood season 5 teaser spoiler trailer clip hit the net today. Earlier today,HBO dropped the very first teaser trailer (below) for their new,upcoming ” True Blood” season 5 ,and it looks pretty damn wild as it shows more hot kissing,sex,violence,and more.

In the new clip,Sookie is spotted shoveling some dirt,while a voice comes on in the background,saying, “We were created in God’s image,not humans.” Then Terry is spotted,standing over Arlene while she’s in bed,and he looked stone crazy. Jessica is spotted,looking super sexy,and kissing a bunch of guys.

Reverend Steve Newlin shows up to mess with Jason Stackhouse,and also shows off his new vampire fangs. Poor Steve. What happened? Bodies are seen,getting dragged. Towards the end,Sookie yells at the top of her lungs,and a huge explosion goes off. It looks pretty damn wicked. Check it out,below. Season 5 debuts in June. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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