General Hospital 2016 binging on new Margarethe character for action,new spoiler. According to the folks over at soapcentral, the General Hospital peeps have hired actress, Diane Delano (left), to come on and play a chick named Margarethe.

She will apparently be a guest/assistant of Trent Dawson’s Huxley, who is returning to Port Charles during the latter part of this month.

Diane Delano’s acting resume includes roles in “Northern Exposure” and “Popular.” She also appeared in “Fumbling thru the Pieces,” which is an internet series starring One Life to Live’s Hillary B. Smith (ex-Nora Buchanan).

Currently, there are no details on exactly when the new Margarethe character will show up. However, there is a date for Huxley’s first appearance, which is June 13th, so Margarethe will probably be showing up around that time. Stay tuned.

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