The SmurfsSome like to call it “retro revivals“. I like to call it “Hollywood is too fat and lazy to come up with some new damn ideas.” I guess that’s why I’m here and they’re over there sipping their fancy bottled water and driving their cars with four wheels. Snooty.

After failing to materialize for the past six years at Paramount, “The Smurfs” are heading to Sony in their quest for the big screen. Current plans are slated to make “Smurfs” a combination of live and CGI animation. That means it’ll be another “Alvin and the Chipmunks” type movie.

So will “The Smurfs” appeal to an entirely new generation that have most likely never heard or seen them since the series went off the air over fifteen years ago? I doubt it. It’ll still make gobs of money, but it’s not like we see “Alvin” gear and toys everywhere these days after its own “retro revival”.

What do you think? Hungry enough for some nostalgia to take your kids to see it?

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