Grass is not the first to document the history and effects of marijuana use, and it won’t be the last. Although there is yet to be a studio backing the release of Grass it does have Woody Harrelson‘s name attached to it and is set for a street date of July 14th. See the preview for Grass as well as some other fun weed-related documentary clips below the jump.

Grass Poster Small
Credit: Unapix Films

We have seen documentaries like Reefer Madness in the past, which paint marijuana usage as one of the most dangerous drugs around, and we have also seen spoof responses such as the film Reefer Madness: The Musical starring our fave it-girl, Kristen Bell. It’s a popular topic on film in general, whether in the genre of documentaries or otherwise. See some clips below the film synopsis.

Film Synopsis: Marijuana is the most controversial drug of the twentieth century. Smoked by generations of musicians, students and workers to little discernible ill effect, it continues to be reviled by the vast majority of governments around the world. With his new film, Grass , veteran filmer Ron Mann brings his impeccable historical facility and story telling skills to recount how a relatively harmless drug has been demonized for decades.

Grass Preview:

Reefer Madness Preview:

Reefer Madness: The Musical “The Brownie Song”:

Credit: Trailer Addict

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