That’s right, Grease is being re-released as a sing-a-long! For two weeks, starting July 8th, Grease is going to be showing in selected cities with the lyrics plastered across the bottom of the screen a la karaoke night. The picture is newly restored, so it admittedly looks better than ever, and I am sure Olivia Newton-John is fresh in everyone’s mind after her recent appearance getting “Physical” on Glee, but is that enough to make you want to go sit in a theatre with a bunch of people singing along to Grease?

Credit: Paramount

There are a few things I am wondering about this whole scenario. For one – is there anyone out there who doesn’t know the words to all the songs in Grease already? Consider the types of people who would actually go see this; it seems they would already know the words, doesn’t it? Nevermind the fact that the karaoke words are not the only thing added to the film. If you watch the preview after the jump, you’ll see that the songs have little graphic shapes and images added to them now that just really add to the cheese. And lastly, I had to start this trailer over because it literally calls Grease “the original high school musical” as an obvious pun on the popular Disney movies. Say what!? Check it out for yourself.

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