Grey’s Anatomy season 9 to possibly make a few of the interns regulars,new spoiler. According to a new report from Michael Ausiello over at TV Line,the Grey’s Anatomy peeps are looking to turn a few of those interns into regulars in the upcoming season 10. They say, show runner ,Shonda Rhimes, added a series regular option to the contracts of recurring castmembers Jerrika Hinton aka Stephanie, Gaius Charles aka Shane, and Tessa Ferrer aka Leah.

One of the other new cast members Camilla Luddington aka Jo ,already had that clause in her deal. Actress Tina Majorino aka Heather’s fate is till up for questioning,because she has joined a new TNT show called “Legends.” However,if it fails, she will most likely come on back to Grey’s Anatomy.

This new info doesn’t guarantee they’ll become regulars,but it does give them a lot of hope,and at least an arc throughout the rest of season 9. We’ll know for sure come June,because that’s when the
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