Grimm season 2,episode 13 delayed until after 2013. For all of you who were hoping to see the new episode of Grimm episode 13 of season 2 this upcoming Friday,November 23rd,we have some disappointing news for you. It turns out that they’ve started their midseason break way early,and will not be airing episode 13 until after 2013 hits.

Currently, there’s no exact date in which it will air. However, they did release a new promo clip (below) to make you guys want to see it even more,and I must say,it does look quite good as things come to crazy head between Nick and Captain Renard after he gets it on with Juliette.

It also appears that Renard has teamed up with evil Adalind,and more. Stay tuned as we’ll try and round up some more season 2 spoilers to tide you guys over until it returns. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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