It’s no secret that I am a fan of the original “Halloween” franchise (at least through Part 4), so I was quite amused and impressed when I made this little discovery on YouTube.

This will prove how much of a geek I am: I was searching YouTube for fan-made “Halloween” trailers which led to me searching for “Laurie’s Theme,” which is the music that plays in the original film when Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) is walking and carrying the Jack-O-Lantern (it plays at other times also). Then I found the “Halloween II” theme done entirely on Mario Paint. And it’s a masterpiece. Especially considering how hard it was to do anything on Mario Paint. I tried, trust me.

The music in the original sequel (damn Rob Zombie for making me have to keep using “original”) was an expanded version of the first one and done by a synthesizer. I always thought it was a pretty cheesy version, but I learned to love it. I am amazed at what a great job the YouTube user did using only Mario Paint.


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