Hans Zimmer revealed his Batman 3 possible Catwoman theme ideas & more in this new clip (below). Award winning composer for Dark Knight Rises recently sat down with MTV,and discussed his upcoming plans for the possible Catwoman theme song,and more.

In the clip, Hans confirmed that Catwoman will,indeed,have her own theme. He’s just going to need more time to get it written out. He also revealed that there’s a dilemma of him having too many ideas for her theme,and needs time to put them all in order. After that, he went on to reveal, he has a few wacky ideas for the premiere,and maybe,somehow, bring it into people’s living rooms in a way. “I don’t know, we might come up with something, we might go and push those boundaries a little bit further for Dark Knight Rises.”

Finally, he wanted to make it clear that this 3rd installment will,indeed,be the end of their journey,and wants to do it justice by doing something extraordinary. “There has to be a way of doing justice to the first two and at the same time truly doing some extraordinary that goes way beyond what the first two did. We do want to go and figure out how to end this in an extraordinary way.” Check it out,below. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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