Harry Potter’s Emma Watson reportedly strip pole dancing to maintain her mega sexy bod. According to a new report from The Sun and their sources, former Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson is growing up more and more with each passing day,especially since she has been reportedly hitting up the stripper pole to get her workouts end.

Their source told them that Emma took up sexy,stripper pole, dancing lessons while on the set of her new robbery movie “The Bling Ring.” Apparently, one of her friends convinced her to do it after explaining the physical benefits of it.

The source stated, “one of the other actresses on the set has been pole-dancing as a sport for a while,and Emma decided to give it a go as well. She’s amazed with the results because it has toned up her body so well. She never thought she would enjoy it but she finds it quite liberating.” Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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