Star Wars The Clone WarsOne of the first things I noticed while watching the new Star Wars: The Clone Wars trailers that have been coming out (check out the latest one here) is that Hayden Christensen is not voicing Anakin. I even noted it as one of the things I was quite pleased to discover about the new Star Wars installment coming out August 15, 2008. Apparently Hayden Christensen is in a little denial over the whole idea of getting dumped by Lucas and Star Wars.

Check out the video below for when ‘Anakin’ gets asked about for his thoughts on the “Clone Wars” release in a few months. Hayden told MTV:

“I found out about it through Sam Jackson who at one point I think was trying to get involved but I don’t think George used anyone from the original films.”

Hah! Didn’t even get the call? Samuel Jackson is providing the voice for Mace Windu as are several other actors from the original films and previous Star Wars projects, including: Anthony Daniels as C3PO, Matthew Wood as General Grevious, Tom Kane as Yoda (voiced as Yoda for tons of games and the previous cartoon series by the same name), and Ian Abercrombie as Chancellor Palpatine (from the cartoon series as well).

So for Hayden to claim no one was used again is inaccurate, but understandable when you realize your acting is so wooden you couldn’t pull off a voiceover role.

Source: MTV and IMDB

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