HBO released awesome,new ‘Game Of Thrones’ season 2 teaser trailer. We recently found this new teaser trailer (below) for the upcoming HBO “Game Of Thrones” season 2,and it looks pretty cool. It doesn’t show any scenes are anything,just some very cool graphics with a nice tease.

In the clip, the words, “Play Resumes” pop up on the screen,surrounded by cool,fire effects that consume the words up. After that, the show’s logo emerges with cool sounds until the logo hovers in the middle of the screen.

Shortly after that, the words “Season 2” emerges from the flames,along with more cool sounds. I’ve never been more impressed by teaser with no scenes in my life. I can’t actually wait to see when they release something with some actual show footage. That should be pretty awesome. And just like the teaser said,season 2 will be hitting the airwaves in the spring of 2012. Check it out,below.

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