HBO revealed new True Blood season 5,episode 7 spoilers. Recently, Trueblood-news got their hands on some casting calls HBO put out for their upcoming True Blood season 5,episode 7,and they contain some spoiler teasers that we can expect to see go down. Currently,the episode doesn’t have a title.

First up,there’s going to be a BLACK OPS VAMP character,showing up,who’s late 20s to early 30 yrs old. The Black Ops vampire is going to be involved in a mission to capture a prisoner. Next, is TYRESE,who’s a beer-drinking, pizza-loving African-American man in his late 20s. He’s another member of the trashy, low-rent anti-vampire hate group,and is possibly recurring.

REVEREND SKINNER is a Male,who’s 40 to 50 yrs old. He’s seen on video, performing a marriage ceremony. SWEETIE is a white female,who’s about 30 yrs old. She’s a large woman,who’s having a noontime romance with an older married man. Unfortunately,she may be recurring,ugh.

BRIDE-TO-BE is a white 20 yr old Female who’s a bride-to-be at a big Southern wedding. She attends a karaoke party after the rehearsal dinner, and sings, “You Light Up My Life” to her groom, until she’s interrupted.

GROOM’S MOTHER is another white chick who’s in her mid to late 40s. She is the mother of the groom, and also attends the karaoke party after the wedding rehearsal, and recognizes an uninvited guest.

Finally,we have the SECURITY GUARD,who’s in charge of protection. He announces an unexpected visitor, and later snaps into almost-action, awaiting orders. That’s it for now guys,but stay tuned. Season 5 debuts in June. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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