HBO has released a poster for the upcoming season of polygamy drama “Big Love.” The image is not very revealing, but the line “hold tight” is surely a reference to what was happening last season.

When we last saw the Henrickson family, it was coming apart at the scenes. Nicki (Chloe Sevigny) had just been found out as a huge liar and near-cheat. I’m sure much of the next season will focus on the family working out their issues with her. But Entertainment Weekly has a bit of a sneak peek that has nothing to do with that.

When we rejoin the family, man of the house(s) Bill (Bill Paxton) will be running for state senator. But the issue won’t be whether he wins but what he stands to lose along the way. “His goal, if he’s elected, is to put himself and his family out there as public polygamists,” says executive producer Marc V. Olsen, adding, “He can’t be impeached for that. Polygamy is technically a misdemeanor in Utah, [and a misdemeanor is not] an impeachable offense. Nonetheless, the Henrickson wives’ vote is split in a way that threatens to splinter the entire clan. “Bill’s decision renders major friction within the family,” Olsen teases. “What wives will or will not do to promote that agenda or stop that agenda dead in its tracks [is] a big piece of the season.”

“Big Love” Season 4 premiers Sunday Jan. 10.

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