Someone get me a glass of that Liquid Drano that killed Heather Chandler quick!

Variety reports that Fox and Sony TV are developing a “Heathers” TV series. I haven’t looked at a calendar today, but I think it’s been 20 years since “Heathers” came out. So, why make a series about it now? Maybe they think a movie-to-series will work now, since it surely didn’t 20 (give or take) years ago (think “Ferris Bueller” and “Uncle Buck”). 

I just don’t like the sounds of this. I think I’d rather be gently probed with a chainsaw. How is the “Heathers” story going to play out week after week? Does a student die each week?And my god, who will play Martha Dumptruck? I guess I should just be happy it’s not being remade into a movie. 

Lunchtime poll: Do you think a “Heathers” series would be big fun or lame?

I need a nap. All those “Heathers” puns wore me out.

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