Homeland Season 3 Brody death explanation revealed by Producer. Recently, TV Line got to chat it up with Executive Producer, Alex Gansa, and he revealed some new dish on the upcoming season 4. However, before that, he addressed the big elephant in the room in this segment. And that elephant is, of course, why in the hell did they kill Brody off? It turns out that they had been trying kill Brody off for quite sometime, but the producers yielded to Showtime’s demands to keep Brody on board until now.

Alex explained: ” Yes, there was pushback last season. There was pushback at the end of the first season. There was pushback this season. But all done in very good spirit of, “Let’s make sure this is the right call.” For example, last season, I am so grateful that Showtime convinced us that we had more story to tell, because indeed we did have more story to tell. I don’t think it was enough story for an entire season, which is why you didn’t see Brody in every episode.

But, my God, the last sweep of episodes, from Episode 8 on to the finale, there was stuff still to go through with Brody and Carrie. And I’m grateful that they convinced us of such. But there was a real strong feeling, both at Showtime and in the story room, that we’ve crossed a lot of emotional ground and the time was right. Hopefully, it was the correct decision.”

To cap off the Brody death segment, Alex explained why Jessica and Dana’s reactions to Brody’s death were missing in action, stating, “Neither Carrie nor Saul were in a position to tell the Brody family the truth. The secrecy surrounding the operation, the idea that Brody was actually a CIA agent operating on their behalf, is something that had to be kept secret. It was the whole foundation of the Iranian/American détente. If the Iranians realized that this was a CIA operation, if there was a breath or a whisper of that, everything would go up in smoke.

So, Dana and Jessica would never be allowed to be privy to that. And indeed if Carrie had been successful in convincing Lockhart to put Brody’s star up on the wall, it would have been an anonymous star. Ultimately, it came down to the fact that if you couldn’t tell the Brody family this piece of information, their responses would be no different than the responses that we’ve seen from them already.

Dana would be fine. “OK, he’s dead; good riddance.” Which is pretty much what she told him in the hotel. We felt it would be a retread, and not as compelling as chronicling Carrie’s reaction to his death.” Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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