I Dream of JeannieSome forty plus years since the end of its run, “I Dream of Jeannie” is coming to the big screen. Almost. Maybe. Yeah, probably.

Script writes and rewrites have plagued “Jeannie” for years, but now Sid Ganis’ Out of the Blue production company is confident they’ve found the perfect rub to release this one. Rita Hsiao is said to be his magic ticket writer and has been brought on to write out the script which at least five others have tried and abandoned.

Hsiao has a history of fixing scripts with her work on Disney’s “Enchanted” and Columbia’s “13 Going on 30”. I guess you can’t win them all (yes, even I enjoyed “Enchanted”). Ganis commented to The Hollywood Reporter on his excitement for this script version:

“She has a terrific, bright, fresh approach to Jeannie’s story, with a twist and turn along the way,” Ganis said of Hsiao. “She captured all of our imaginations in the telling of it.”

Hsiao created a Jeannie that is “smack in the middle” of contemporary times and circumstances, he added.

It actually sounds like “Enchanted” will run close in style to “I Dream of Jeannie”. Not a bad approach. No release date has been announced.

Source: THR

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