“I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here” debuts tonight on NBC at 8pm and so far it sounds like things are going just great for the C-listers (is D-lister more appropriate?). E! is reporting that Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were greatly mistaken, much like her decision to not get thigh liposuction, on what they were going to be doing for the show and were trying to drop out the first day they arrive on-site in Costa Rica:

“They wanted to be treated like stars,” a high-level source on the series tells E! News’ Ryan Seacrest. “[Spencer] literally thought he and Heidi were staying in a Four Seasons, working out and getting a tan.”

The two refused to eat the same food as the rest of the cast, and complained about being teamed with low-wattage star.

Sorry, spoiled rich kids, but I don’t think you get much more low-wattage than being semi-known just because you’re semi-known (famous would be a generous overstatement here). I imagine they were convinced to stay when reminded they’d receive $0 if they left early.

Here are a few preview clips from tonight’s show which looks like a mix between Survivor and the upcoming Big Brother:

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