“In Treatment” returned to HBO this week and it’s already off to a pretty fantastic start. Dr. Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne) has a new cast of patients and even a new therapist (we think).

On Monday nights, Paul meets with Sunil (Irrfan Khan) and Frances (Debra Winger). Sunil is a recent widower from Calcutta who was kind of forced by his son to come to America to live with him and his American wife. He’s very unhappy with his current life, misses his wife and hates his daughter-in-law. And rightfully so. There’s something up with her. Something is sure to come out about what’s going on with that relationship. I thought I’d be the least interested in Sunil’s story, but so far I’ve very intrigued. Can’t wait for next week.

Frances has come to Paul because she’s a “former actress” who is back in the game but can’t remember her lines. Frances was referred to Paul by her sister and former patient. She spends most of the session talking about herself and presuming Paul has seen her in a movie or play. She finally reveals her sister is dying of breast cancer and she has her own fears of the disease. Again, there’s something more going on there with her and her sister and perhaps Paul. Winger plays the washed up, yet super narscisistic actress perfectly.

On Tuesdays, Paul meets with Jesse (Dane DeHaan), a trouble gay teenager filled with angst. Jesse has been coming to Paul for sometime, we learn, but only recently have things took a new turn. Jesse, who is adopted, has just been contacted by his birth mother. That’s clearly where this story is headed, but there’s a lot more to it. Jesse is having too much sex for someone his age. He’s even lied to an older gay couple about his age, which resulted in sex with them. He’s pretty hard on Paul. That could get annoying. But DeHaan plays the part very well.

Paul follows his weekly sessions with a visit to Adele (Amy Ryan). For starters, he goes to her just to get a prescription for sleeping pills. He makes it’s clear he’s not there for therapy and makes it rudely clear that if he were, he wouldn’t be going to someone so young and inexperienced. She’s simply in the neighborhood and would be an easy place to go for prescriptions. She’s not that easy. She immediately sees what we see: a troubled man who probably isn’t in any condition to help anyone else on his current state. Paul is pretty nasty and arrogant to Adele. So much so that I’m now glad some of this patients are just as mean to him. Amy Ryan is an amazing actress. I can’t wait to see her play off Gabriel Byrne’s soft intensity.

It’s going to be a great season. What did you think so far? If you haven’t seen, check out the video recaps below:

Sunil, Week 1

Frances, Week 1

Jesse, Week 1

Paul & Adele, Week 1

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