So “Smiley Face” is two years old. Well it was new to me last night when I watched it at 2 a.m. on Showtime (I think). And it was so bad that I thought I couldn’t resist a review. Maybe “Insomniac Review” can become a standing feature. We’ll see. OK, the review.

Anna Farris (“Scary Movie”) plays Jane F, a stoner actress who accidentally eats her roommate’s pot cupcakes after she was already pretty high. Apparently, the pot in the cupcakes was some kind of new weed that causes hallucinations. This is where I’d normally talk about the plot if the movie had one. It’s basically just one  unfunny “mis-adventure” after the other, including a scene where she bombs an audition and freaks out the casting director (Jane Lynch).

When I saw Lynch show up I thought surely she’ll be able to save the movie. I was wrong. Not even her hilarity could make up for the terrible writing. The only thing more disturbing than Lynch’s stale character was a scene with John Krasinski (“The Office”) masturbating in the shower. Now with the right person and the right movie, a person finding their jollies in the shower can make for a good scene. Not this time. I just kept thinking “Jim! What would Pam think?”

During the rest of the movie Farris, who apparently didn’t research the part, walks around like she’s had a lobotomy instead of some weed. Seriously, it’s terrible. I’d give it a half a star and that’s only because Krasinski plays geek well. Maybe you’re supposed to be stoned to enjoy it?

At any rate, if you’re interested in a stoner flick, re-watch “Pineapple Express” instead.

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