VenomDespite being attached to the critical flop of “Spider-Man 3”, Venom is being eyed by Sony for a new movie spin-off aimed at revitalizing the aging franchise. I was always into the character of Venom as I like my stories dark and dangerous and considering “The Dark Knight’s” box office domination I would guess that most of America isn’t opposed to that direction either. But it raises the issue, can a side character, especially a villain, carry his own movie? I’m not convinced it could.

Imagine a world with Heath Ledger still around and Warner Bros. toying with the idea of giving him his own franchise. What’s The Joker without Batman? Ledger was awesome with Joker, but his story wouldn’t be the same. Same with the news of Dr. Evil returning to feud with his son for Austin Powers 4. They’re not dropping Austin, just focusing on the Evil clan.

I’d be surprised to see Venom materialize into his own movie without Spider-man. Who would he fight that mainstream America would know if it wasn’t Spidey? Shrug.

If it does go forward don’t expect Topher Grace to reprise the role as Sony isn’t convinced he can carry the central role. Given to Venom’s nature of being a parasite, rather than depending on the same host, a change of actor could be easily explained.

Should Sony bite on Venom, who would you like to see don the black suit?

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