Jack BlackThe powerhouse combo of Old School’s director and writer Todd Phillips and the always awesome Jack Black is no more. The duo were set up last year to direct and star, respectively, in the comedy project “Man-Witch“.

Alas, Black has dropped out of “Man-Witch” over commitment issues. Like the kind when you don’t think your girlfriend likes you enough because you think she might be flirting with that other guy. The Hollywood Reporter has the details on the cause of their breakup:

Sources said that the decision this week to part ways may have originated from Black’s camp, which had questions about Phillips’ commitment to direct the picture ahead of “Hangover,” another comedy said to be close to the helmer’s heart. That project is also set up at Warners.

Warners confirmed the departure but declined to provide further detail. A spokesperson for Black said the star had no comment. A spokesperson for CAA, which reps Phillips, declined to comment.

On the top this sounds really disappointing. I’m a big fan of both of these guys, so the chance of them working together is awesome. But if you scratch the surface of this movie the luster starts to fade. “Man-Witch” tells the story of a man who discovers he’s a witch and then goes to teach at a witch-school for girls. Um, so it’s like “School of Rock” meets Harry Potter?

Despite the loss of Jack Black Warner Bros. says it won’t impact the movie and they’re already seeking out a new leading funny man.

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