Jason Sudeikis from “Saturday Night Live” is looking to make the leap to the big screen with “Bounty Hunter” in the romantic comedy starring, wait for it… wait for it…, Jennifer Aniston. Groan.

Sudeikis won’t be alone with Aniston though as Gerard Butler looks to continue to expand his rom-com library as well. Butler is the “Hunter” part of “Bounty Hunter” as he traces after Aniston, the “Bounty” part, who skips out on her bail. Sudeikis plays the part of a misguided boyfriend-wanna-be who will try and come to her rescue. Will he get the girl? I’ll never know. You’ll have to tell me.

Andy Tennant from “Fool’s Gold” directs the script from Sarah Thorp of “Twisted.” No dates yet announced for production or release.

Source: THR

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