jennifer aniston bel air house

Jennifer Aniston shelled out insane $21 Million on new Bel Air house,plus new photo. According to TMZ, sexy actress Jennifer Aniston just plumped down a whopping $21 million dollars on a house that originally cost $24 million dollars. However,I guess Jen was able to get savvy,and talked them into knocking off $3 million.

They say, the house has 8,500 square feet. It’s a Mid Century house that has 4 bedrooms,6 bathrooms,and unobstructed city and ocean views. It’s just shy of 2 acres,and located in Bel Air, which is,apparently, a very huge deal.

The estate also has a vineyard,so Jen will have plenty of wine to drink,I guess. Jen officially got the title to her new mansion yesterday,so congrats to her on being able to afford that damn thing,especially in this economy. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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