Jermaine Paul won The Voice 2012 tonight in finale show. Earlier tonight, The Voice 2012 finally revealed its winner in their grand finale show. The night kicked off with an introduction of the final four contestants: Tony Lucca,Jermaine Paul,Juliet Simms,and Chris Mann.

After that,Jermaine Paul hit the stage to sing the popular Jackson Five song titled, “I Want You Back,” and he brought back eliminated contestants Pip,Jamar Rogers and James Massone to help perform the song.

After a break,rapstar Flo Rida hit the stage to perform his song titled, “Blow My Whistle” and “Wild Ones.” Juliet Simms joined in for the 2nd half of his performance. Next, Chris Mann brought back eliminated contestants Lindsey Pavao and Katrina Parker to help him perform a song titled “Bittersweet Symphony.”

After a break, John Oaks showed up with contestants Chris Mann,Tony Lucca,and Jermaine Paul to perform a song. Then a couple of other eliminated female,Voice,contestants, hit the stage to sing Stevie Wonder’s “Very Superstitious” song.

Next, Juliet Simms brought back eliminated contestants Jamar Rogers , RaeLynn, Erin Martin to help her perform the song, “Try A Little Help From My Friends.” Then country music band Lady Antebellum hit the stage to sing their song called, “Want To Do More.”

After a break, Tony Lucca brought back eliminated contestant Jordis Unga to help him sing a song called, “Go Your Own Way.” Then they revealed that the final four contestants received new cars from Kia Motors,which was extremely cool.

After that, mega popstar Justin Bieber hit the stage to sing his new song titled, “Boyfriend.” Next,they took another break,and finally revealed that Chris Mann landed in 4th place. Tony Lucca got 3rd place. Juliette Simms took 2nd place,which meant Jermaine Paul,won The Voice 2012. Big congrats to him,and we’ll see you guys for the The Voice 2013. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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