Jessica Biel recently decided to take off all her clothes and drip hot wax on her lady bits. Thankfully camera crews were there to capture it all and make it part of the movie “Powder Blue.” Now “Powder Blue” is set to bypass theaters and go straight to DVD and Biel is blaming the interwebs for ruining the movie by spreading said nudity all over the place. WWTDD has those movie-ruining pics here (NSFW).

Biel is convinced moviegoers have since lost interest in the film because critics have already dissected her most talked-about scene.

She tells the New York Daily News, “You always take that risk, that (your film) might not go anywhere. It’s rare, but it does happen. It’s terrible…

“I’m bothered when scenes leak. It’s disappointing how people take your work, put it on the chopping block, rip it apart and judge it. I’m like, ‘Maybe you should just see the movie.'”

The idea that a few poor quality photos ruined a movie’s release is ridiculous. “Wolverine” had its entire film leaked to terrible pre-reviews and it still went on to make $87 million its opening weekend. “Powder Blue” is going straight to DVD because it sounds like it stinks with its “multiple LA lives intersect” knock-off of “Crash” plot.

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