Joan Rivers

Now here’s a fun story for the afternoon. Joan Rivers, 75, got the boot from Loose Women, which I assure you is not nearly as exciting as I thought it might be, England’s equivalent to The View today for dropping the f-bomb in reference to Russell Crowe:

Rivers let rip during a conversation about whether she enjoyed meeting and greeting celebrities on the red carpet.

She said: ‘You get somebody like Russell Crowe and you want to say to the camera ‘he is a piece of, get ready to bleep this, ****ing ****’.’

But there was no bleeper and her words went out on air as the live audience screeched with laughter.

Joan said: ‘We’d better add allegedly, because he’ll sue. Wouldn’t that be funny?’

Her excuse? Well she tried to warn them, she said, regarding her prompting to get the bleeper ready. She goes on to mention that she “isn’t mellowing with age” (playing the “I’m old, forgive me” card) and that everyone has heard “@#$!” before because:

‘People have heard it in Sex And The City, it’s such a common word.’

Which is actually a valid excuse, it turns out. I spent the weekend riding a donkey all over the city while swinging golf clubs at tourists and throwing empty beer cans at small children. When stopped by police I explained I had seen it in Sex And The City and they let me go. True story. Or not, who cares?

Source: Daily Mail UK

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